Lucy Congdon Hanson: Serve
Past Exhibition

Displayed for the first time, Serve, a 14-foot hand-fabricated stainless steel fork, represents the protective power of women in households over generations, nurturing their families. This exhibition also included several smaller scale sculptures in steel, cast bronze, wood, and mixed media which demonstrated earlier work and inspirations leading up to Serve.

A visual artist her entire adult life, Lucy Congdon Hanson views art as a lifestyle, and an interpretation of experience. Hanson’s past artistic endeavors include working as a scenic artist for theater, opera and cinema. Her first large-scale projects were installations, in which she would fill an entire room with a single idea. She started to become more interested in the individual objects she was creating. Her sculptural works greatly range in size, from table top to larger than life, for both indoor and out. Hanson works in a variety of materials, including wood, steel, bronze, copper, aluminum, and clay.

Hanson believes that sculpture can function to make us more aware of our surroundings and environment, and creates works that accentuate a sense of tension, animation, and whimsy.
Hanson lived in Port Townsend, Washington at the time of this exhibition, and has since moved to Monterey, California where she continues her contemporary art practice.

Read Lucy Congdon Hanson’s full artist’s statement.


Oct 14, 2017 – Feb 28, 2018


Jon & Lilian Lovelace Gallery