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Correo Aereo in Concert for Dia de los Muertos
Past Event

As part of our annual Dia de los Muertos celebration, BIMA is excited to welcome the award-winning trio Correo Aereo for an evening of traditional Latin American music, with a focus on music from Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Cuba. The stellar vocals of these multi-instrumental artists will blow you away.


Correo Aereo, pronounced Cor-ray-o Eye-air-re-o, (Spanish for ‘Air Mail’), is an award winning multi-instrumental and vocal Latin/World music duo. Performing traditional music of Venezuela, Argentina & Mexico, Correo Aereo combines a stunning array of string and percussive instruments with silken vocal harmonies described as “…locked in embrace.” by the Austin Chronicle.
“Correo Aereo is deeply respectful of the traditions they present yet they are not afraid to explore new directions that expand the parameters of their art form. [They] offer superb performance. They are true professionals with exacting standards. They will only put on stage work that they have honed to perfection. Above all, I love to be in their presence when they perform. At times to watch their vivid presence on-stage, at others to listen, with my eyes closed, to the beauty of their sounds.”


Nov 2, 2019


Frank Buxton Auditorium



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