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The Art Museum is located at 550 Winslow Way East just a few steps from the Seattle/Bainbridge ferry terminal 

You can find directions to BIMA here.

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art is an educational institution whose mission is to engage a diverse population with the art of our region and our time.

Our vision is to create a permanent home on Bainbridge Island for the contemporary art and craft of our region and our time.

  • The art museum showcases artists at all levels in their career who are making compelling work. We have a special interest in lesser known artists and new discoveries.
  • We are collecting art - we seek relevant donations of art from collectors, artists, galleries, and estates. We collect artworks by contemporary visual artists and craftspeople.
  • Types of artwork includes: painting, printmaking, book art, photography, sculpture, metal, wood, ceramic, glass, fiber art, jewelry, and furniture.
  • Our unique focus is on artists from the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas and Puget Sound regions, as well as special collections that exist in our region.
  • We have several promised gifts of art secured from collectors in the Seattle area, Bainbridge Island, and Port Townsend.
  • We host retrospectives of individual artists, group theme shows, and collaborative projects, featuring artists ranging from recognized masters to emerging and lesser known artists.
  • The art museum displays 12-16 exhibits per year, exhibitions rotate on a regular basis – typically with the seasons.

The art museum is building a Permanent Art Collection, through a formal process with the Art Acquisitions and Exhibitions Committee consisting of community leaders, regional art experts, curators, and members from the Board of Directors. Our focus is on “the art and craft of our region and our time.” The collection is comprised of donated art (fine art and craft) from artists and collections in the Puget Sound region. Examples include painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, glass, wood, artist’s books, fiber, and jewelry art. We are collecting slowly and deliberately, with a goal of building a collection that is diverse and includes compelling artists at all stages of their artistic careers.

Proposed gifts of art can be referred to Greg Robinson, Executive Director and Curator. 206.451.4001 or greg@biartmuseum.org

The art acquisitions process may be slow. All initial inquiries will be logged and responded to within sixty days. Decisions regarding acquisitions may take several months or longer. Donated artworks that do not fit the mission and criteria of the Permanent Art Collection may still benefit our art museum. Please also inquire about that per the above contact information.


  • Our region includes the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas and the greater Puget Sound.
  • Bainbridge Island is in the heart of Puget Sound – there’s something very special about our location, and how we intersect with the entire region.
  • We want to discover and explore the diverse, local artistic influences, from Bainbridge Island and beyond.
  • We are very fortunate to have other museums that focus on Northwest Art in the broader sense, and/or feature exhibits from other parts of the country and the world. But our focus is more local - right here at home.

Education is a core value and a primary function of the art museum. We promote art education for people of all ages, interests, abilities, and skill levels. Many educational programs will stem directly from our exhibitions; others respond to specific community interests and needs. Exhibition-related programs include gallery tours, artist talks, panel discussions, videos, printed and digital documentation, and hands-on art activities.

Our founder and community leaders decided to build a permanent home for art, including housing a permanent art collection that reflects the art of our region and our time. We are excited about collecting, exhibiting, discovering, and creating a deeper relationship with the local artist community.

The art museum:

  • Is a permanent home for an art collection that showcases art and craft created and collected in this region.
  • Offers a vast range of visual arts education, and we are a cultural “living room” for the community.
  • Is a vital cultural, community, and commercial asset, that will evolve over time and serve many generations to come.
  • Fulfills the niche of specializing only in regional art and showcasing the artists of Kitsap, the Olympic Peninsulas, and the greater Puget Sound. 
  • By having the art museum in the West Sound we greatly expand opportunities for artists in the region to exhibit their work in a non-commercial setting. We will expand the possibilities for our local artists to show their work – some of them are better known/have more exposure outside of our immediate region.
  • The art museum provides more opportunities for artists to participate in lectures, panel discussions, and forums with other artists and arts audiences.
  • The classrooms provide a space to teach, or to enroll in, a variety of hands-on art workshops.
  • The Community Gallery is a highly visible location for small scale shows by individual artists or cultural partner groups.
  • Having a dedicated art museum reinforces a sense of identity with our local community, region, and creates a “cultural living room” for ongoing interaction with the arts community.

The art museum is designed to meet several key environmental and energy efficiency goals. We are the first art museum in Washington State to be awarded LEED Gold status. Currently there are only a few art museums in the country with the Gold designation.

Highlights include:

  • Solar orientation of the building and sun louvers.
  • Geothermal energy (with 14 “wells” drilled up to 400 feet underground) to regulate the temperature.
  • Solar energy panels (photovoltaic panels on the roof).
  • Recycled materials including denim insulation provided through a grant from Levi Strauss, and carpeting with high levels of recycled materials.
  • Green label certified carpets, paints, and glues (low volatile organic compounds)
  • Sustainable and rapidly renewable building materials, including Forest Stewardship Council wood on bamboo stage, oak wood floors, and all of the cabinets.
  • Water reduction measures including efficient bathroom fixtures.
  • Lighting efficiency measures (LED and compact fluorescents).

There are many ways to support the art museum through making a donation, gift of stock, multi-year pledge, becoming a member, and more.

See our website for volunteer and job opportunites. 

Shows will be from the Permanent Art Collection or curated from the region, including special collections on loan. We focus on artists and themes that help illuminate and interpret life in the Puget Sound region. The Board of Directors endorses a profile of exhibition ideas, to be realized over time. Shows are recommended through a formal process with the Art Acquisitions and Exhibitions Committee consisting of community leaders, regional art experts, curators, and members from the Board of Directors. 

For more information contact Greg Robinson, Executive Director and Curator. 206.451.4001 or greg@biartmuseum.org