Field Trips

BIMA is passionate about instilling a love and understanding of the arts and there’s no better way to get students looking at and talking about art than a fun-filled field trip to an art museum!

Welcome students!

BIMA offers FREE interactive field trip experiences to Puget Sound area public, private, homeschool and out-of-school learners grades K-12.

Students viewing work by Margie McDonald on a field trip to BIMA

Field trips include:

Pre-Field Trip School Visit

  • BIMA’s inspiration starts before the field trip begins! BIMA educators come to your site and guide students in an overview, providing background information on the current exhibitions, expectations, and Q&A time.


Transportation to and from BIMA

  • Many groups are eligible for subsidized transportation to and from the art museum. BIMA works with your district’s transportation department or assists with coordinating equivalent alternatives.


Guided Gallery Tour

  • Trained docents use Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to cultivate students’ observations and critical thinking skills. These open-ended questions spark curiosity and foster engagement.
  • Brown Bag Lunch Break in the BIMA Classroom (optional)


Hands-On Art Activity in the Museum

  • Practicing artists, with a special focus on education, guide students through a creative art project in the gallery.


Post-Field Trip Arts Integration

  • Keep the learning going strong with a hands-on art activity led by a BIMA teaching artist in your classroom. (optional)


Field trips can be customized to your students’ learning needs or to support curricular connections.

Request a Field Trip today!

Field trip requests for the 2019/2020 school year will open on Tuesday, September 3, 2019. To receive information about BIMA’s field trips and other school programs, subscribe to our educators email list here.

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