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Two-Spirit: Portraits of Pride
Past Exhibition

In the summer of 2021, the Paths (Re)Membered Project communed with queer Indigenous creative, Evan Benally Atwood (Diné/Navajo) to manifest a story of collective queer Indigenous joy. This series of photos were taken across what is now known as Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Oklahoma over the course of 15 days. Equipped with a notebook and camera, Evan set out on a journey with Nate Lemuel (Diné/Navajo), capturing sweet and sacred moments of queer Indigeneity.

Evan Benally Atwood Bio:
Evan is a Diné queer creative from Farmington, NM, residing in the Pacific Northwest. They thoughtfully use filmmaking and photography to document stories, uplift community, and empower marginalized voices.

Nate Lemuel Bio:

Nate is a Diné queer creative from Shiprock, NM. His work is a reflection of supporting each other, embracing who we are, and celebrating ourselves. From film to digital, his expression is documented by portraits of landscape, growing with community, and stop motion action.


Jun 14 – Jul 4, 2023


Hall Orientation Gallery