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Malini Gupta (Portland, OR), The Fortune Teller, 2015, digitally printed origami folded paper fortune teller with stab bound book, 4"h x 5"w x 5"h (closed), 5.375"h x 5.375"w (open), 5.25"h x 5.25"w (book); edition #1 of 10. Cynthia Sears Artist's Books Collection.

Shapes of Things to Come
Past Exhibition

The future of the book is here. These works from the Cynthia Sears Artist’s Books Collection bend convention, break tradition, and steer a bold course for the future of artist’s books. This exhibition features more than forty local, national, and international artists working in diverse formats, materials, and themes, including:

Golnar Adili – She Feels Your Absence Deeply

Shana Agid – Call a Wrecking Ball to Make a Window

Islam Aly – Transpose

Elizabeth Banfield – Amendment

Alisa Banks and Diane Jacobs – Interwoven Alphabet

Alisa Banks – Inheritance

Mare Blocker
The Ultimate Self-help
Istoriato Maiolica :Cadmus & Harmonia

Leopoldo Bloom – How to Transition on Sixty-Three Cents a Day

Bookwalter, Denise; Fichter, Robert; Nettles, Bea – Cropwork Orange

Irene Chan
Textile History Paper Doll Barbie

Julie Chen
The Accretion of Identity

Rita Collins – Friends

Steven Daiber – Socrates, Know Thyself

Natalie Draz – The City Within

Malini Gupta – The Fortune Teller

Lucia Harrison – Old Growth: Beneath the Forest Floor

Ed Hutchins – Cacophany

Susan E. King
Women in Cars
Queen of Wands

Emily Martin
Fly Away

Kyoko Matsunaga – The Skin Square, The Pupil Square: Dreams of

Jeff Morin – Sacred Space

Lois Morrison – After Water Aerobics

Katherine Ng – Fortune Ate Me

Radha Pandey – Taxonomy of Shapes

Joanna Poehlman – Seed Catalogue Vol III

Benjamin D Rinehart – Revolving Gender

Laura Russell – Take Me, I’m Yours

Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder – Influxstructure: A Topography of Ghosts

Robin Ami Silverberg
– Living With Tassels and Trim

Jana Sim – Language Mobius

Daniel Smith – Mortal Salt

Linda Smith – Inside Chance

Tamar Stone – It’s Where I Am Now

Barb Tetenbaum – Diagram of Wind


Oct 14, 2022 – Feb 15, 2023


Sherry Grover Gallery