Malini Gupta (Portland, OR), The Fortune Teller, 2015, digitally printed origami folded paper fortune teller with stab bound book, 4"h x 5"w x 5"h (closed), 5.375"h x 5.375"w (open), 5.25"h x 5.25"w (book); edition #1 of 10. Cynthia Sears Artist's Books Collection.

Shapes of Things to Come

The future of the book is here. These works from the Cynthia Sears Artist’s Books Collection bend convention, break tradition, and steer a bold course for the future of artist’s books. This exhibition features more than forty local, national, and international artists working in diverse formats, materials, and themes, including Islam Aly, Julie Chen, Lucia Harrison, and Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder.


Oct 14, 2022 – Feb 15, 2023


Sherry Grover Gallery