Departures and Arrivals: Artists in Abstraction

BIMA convenes summer school—with an intense session in art vocabulary! This group exhibition features fifteen artists from the Puget Sound region. Each artist communicates through transforming the familiar or sharing personal ways of seeing. Inspirations range from cultural histories to contemporary life.

Participating Artists:

  • Mark Bennion
  • Mary Coss
  • David Eisenhour
  • Charles Emerson
  • Anne Hirondelle
  • Michael Howard
  • Jan Hoy
  • Denzil Hurley
  • Fumiko Kimura
  • Steve Smith
  • Jono Vaughan
  • Robert Wagoner
  • Stephen Yates
  • Ellen Ziegler
  • Paul Ziakin


Jun 29 – Sep 29, 2019


Rachel Feferman Gallery
Beacon Gallery
Lobby Gallery