Yuka Petz (Tacoma, WA), I found a note, 2021,

A to Zine
Past Exhibition

This group exhibition invites a discussion of self-published and non-commercial print works, including zines, within the context of artist’s books. A to Zine showcases work that can be produced in multiples and is typically affordable and accessible. Included are comics, poetry comics, zines, pamphlets, as well as artist’s books. Works reflect diverse topics and themes which have inspired artists – including the political, humorous, quirky, poetic, image-driven, social justice-related, and historical. Included are free downloadable and desktop printed artist’s books from the Quarantine Public Library to letterpress printed editions. What defines an artist’s book or not? Where do you draw the line?


Jul 1 – Oct 9, 2022


Sherry Grover Gallery