The Big Thaw Book Talk & Reading with Eric Scigliano
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Join us for an evening presentation of words and photographs from The Big Thaw: Ancient Carbon, Modern Science and a Race to Save the World by author author Eric Scigliano and photographer Chris Linder. This new publication is both a warning and an inspiration, and takes an unflinching look at the threats we face in a warming world while capturing the undaunted spirit of scientists who are racing against the clock to save not only the Arctic but all the natural systems on which our lives depend. Q&A and book signing to follow.


by Eric Scigliano & Chris Linder (photographer)

In The Big Thaw, readers meet a diverse team of scientists and students who have been studying the permafrost and what lies beneath: a vast store of ancient carbon, more than four times the quantity found in all of todays forests, which is releasing carbon dioxide and methane as the permafrost melts. The release of all this carbon would alter Earths climate forever. Braving endless hordes of mosquitoes, quicksand, and extreme temperatures, the researchers are racing against the clock to educate us all about the changes we must make in order to preserve Earths carbon balance.

Eric Scigliano is the local author for this book, who would be presenting, and sharing a multimedia slide show, featuring photographer Chris Linders stunning photography.


Mar 4, 2020


Frank Buxton Auditorium



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