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Stephanie Anne Johnson

Stephanie Anne Johnson
Past Event

Join us for an evening of soulful music with artist Stephanie Anne Johnson as part of BIMA’s first ever Mojo Rhythm & Blues Festival, a four day weekend of live music and events happening July 11-14.

About Stephanie Anne Johnson

“She’s remarkably talented.” – Cee Lo Green, The Voice

Inspired by her life in the Pacific Northwest and the strong women that raised her, Stephanie Anne Johnson writes and sings the way she lives: loud and full of emotion. From national television to intimate house concerts, she can rock your night, make you fall in love, bring you to tears, and empower you. Though classically trained, Stephanie’s repertoire covers Americana and R&B to arias and rock and roll. She brings real life to every performance and takes the audience on an unforgettable ride.


Jul 12, 2019


Frank Buxton Auditorium



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