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Snowglobe: People Get Ready: Elnah Jordan & Eric Verlinde in Concert
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Powerful soul, r&b, and blues vocalist Elnah Jordan teams up with renowned Seattle pianist Eric Verlinde for a beautiful evening sharing songs of love, longing, and life. Longtime musical partners, they’ve honed their deep musical connection, seamlessly melding jazz, gospel, and rhythm and blues.

Elnah Jordan’s artistry sits at the crossroads of American music. Ohio born and raised, she first found her love of music in the church choir. The intersection of that gospel grounding with the blues led to a life dedicated to jazz, performing on the streets of San Francisco, in clubs, and in Broadway theatre. From Bessie Smith-belting to summoning the spirit of Nina Simone, Jordan’s huge talent enables her to move effortlessly between genres, and carry her audience with her, in a connection that feels very personal.

Pianist Eric Verlinde is known for his versatility, sparkle, and reliability in his 20-plus years on the Seattle scene. His ability to swing hard or beautifully articulate a ballad is colored by his melodic approach to improvisation. As the pianist of choice for many outstanding singers, Verlinde appears often with Josephine Howell and Brazilian vocalist Adriana Giordano in the EntreMundos Quarteto.

Together, they blur the lines between the blues, jazz, gospel, and rhythm & blues, and do so with a large measure of soul, thanks to Jordan’s positive, energetic style and Verlinde’s instinctive warmth and light touch.

$22 for members | $25 for non-members


Dec 17, 2022


Frank Buxton Auditorium



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