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smARTfilms: I Never Saw It Coming – Yomeddine
Past Event

Join BIMA for five weeks of films curated by tj Faddis. This series features foreign-language films which contain an astonishing element: a twist in plot or character, an unexpected profound truth, or the whole plot-line is so original that movie-viewers cannot guess where this film will take them. Rest assured, you’ll “never see it coming”, but you’ll be glad to bear witness.


Matinee: 2:00 PM (Does not include facilitated discussion)
Evening: 7:30 PM

Featured Film – Yomeddine

NR | 97 mins | 2018 | Egypt

Bashay is a life-long resident of a leper colony north of Cairo where he has married and made a life for himself. But after circumstances change, he sets out to find his family who left him at the colony when he was a small child. With his young friend Obama and his donkey, Harby, Bashay sets out on his great quest in a film that is part road movie, part buddy comedy, and part poignant neorealist drama. This bittersweet story is told with bold candor, sly humor, and lots of warm humanity. It’s the perfect film to start the new year and has been submitted to the Academy Awards for 2020.


Jan 7, 2020


Frank Buxton Auditorium



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