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smARTfilms: I Never Saw It Coming – The Other Side of Everything
Past Event

Join BIMA for five weeks of films curated by tj Faddis. This series features foreign-language films which contain an astonishing element: a twist in plot or character, an unexpected profound truth, or the whole plot-line is so original that movie-viewers cannot guess where this film will take them. Rest assured, you’ll “never see it coming”, but you’ll be glad to bear witness.


Matinee: 2:00 PM (Does not include facilitated discussion)
Evening: 7:30 PM

Featured Film – The Other Side of Everything

R | 100 mins | 2017 | Serbia

A locked door inside a Belgrade home has kept one family separated from their past for generations. Documentary Director Milia Turajlic focuses an Agnes Vargas-like eye on her family apartment, the objects within, and the major historical events that occurred outside the tall windows of her building, while an intimate conversation between the director and her mother, the dynamic activist and scholar Srbijanka Turajlic, reveals a house and a country haunted by history. What begins as the chronicle of a childhood home grows into a wry, elegant portrait of a charismatic and brilliant woman in times of great political turmoil.


Feb 4, 2020


Frank Buxton Auditorium



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