smARTfilms: I Never Saw It Coming – Tel Aviv on Fire
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Join BIMA for five weeks of films curated by tj Faddis. This series features foreign-language films which contain an astonishing element: a twist in plot or character, an unexpected profound truth, or the whole plot-line is so original that movie-viewers cannot guess where this film will take them. Rest assured, you’ll “never see it coming”, but you’ll be glad to bear witness.


Matinee: 2:00 PM (Does not include facilitated discussion)
Evening: 7:30 PM

Featured Film – Tel Aviv on Fire

NR | 97 mins | 2018 | Israel/Luxembourg

In this clever comedy, Salem is a Palestinian from East Jerusalem, who is a low-level production assistant on the soap opera “Tel Aviv on Fire”. Following a lie he tells Israeli military commander Assi, an officer at the Ramallah checkpoint he must pass through every day to get to work, Salem is suddenly promoted to be a screenwriter on the show. There is only one problem – Salem can’t write screenplays. To avoid getting fired, Salem makes a deal with Assi, who helps him write in exchange for fine Palestinian hummus and a promise that the series’ plot will end according to Assi’s script. However, the Palestinian investors want a different ending, and it’s up to Salem to figure out a resolution which will keep everyone happy. With TEL AVIV ON FIRE, we have a funny, perfectly balanced comedy on a very serious topic, which could only have been written by someone who has his feet and dear friends on both sides of the conflict, Writer/Director Sameh Zoabi.


Jan 21, 2020


Frank Buxton Auditorium



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