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smARTfilms Club – They’re Out There! Series: Doom or Deliverance — Aliens and Earthlings (Online)
Past Event

Join fellow film enthusiasts for a post-series discussion with special guest Dr. Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer with the SETI Project. 

We will welcome back special guest, Senior Astronomer with the SETI Project, Dr. Seth Shostak for an online forum reflecting on our smARTfilms: They’re Out There Series.

Will First Contact be Earth’s deliverance, or its doom?

Along with combing the heavens for signs of intelligent life, Dr. Shostak has been involved with and appeared in TV and movie projects, hosts SETI’s weekly podcast, and is the recipient of numerous awards for his work in popularizing science. Our webinar will explore the science, the fiction, and the speculation about aliens and what our first interactions would look like.

At BIMA, we are committed to inspire curiosity and wonder, and with Dr. Shostak’s story, we can follow his curious journey from a boyhood interest to a life-long passion.


Aug 24, 2022





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