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Partners in Print Plein Air Printing Parlour
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What do you want to say to your community? Print your own letterpress posters with PiP, outdoors. Letterpress printing is a form of relief printing; the raised surface of letters or images is inked and then pressed into paper. Make a bold visual statement with letterpress type, ink & paper: it’s been an effective way to change minds and tell stories for the last 500+ years.

Partners in Print (PiP) is an organization that uses old printing presses to amplify new voices, share knowledge, and spark creativity. In a world gone digital, we’re the analog holdouts: the advocates for getting one’s point across with type, ink, and paper. We believe letterpress printing has been, and continues to be, a powerful way to change minds and tell stories.

All are welcome and no admission is required.  


Jun 4, 2022
10:00am – 4:00pm


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