Mariachi Camarillo & Mount Vernon High School Mariachi Día de los Muertos Celebration Concert (Online)
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BIMA is proud to present a rebroadcast of a wonderful Lincoln Theatre concert presenting renowned Southern California musical group Mariachi Camarillo with an Opening number by the MV Mariachi Program at Mount Vernon High School. Join Mount Vernon Mariachi musicians and director Ramon Rivera in this celebratory concert in honor of Día de los Muertos.

This event will be free and streamed on BIMA’s Facebook and YouTube pages. No registration required!

Ramon Rivera, Mariachi Educator, Education Consultant

From handwritten thank you note from parents and students to be honored by the Speaker of the House, Ramon Rivera has been recognized as being an innovative leader and pioneer in cultural arts and has received numerous awards and accolades during his teaching career. He is currently the Mount Vernon School District Mariachi Program Director in Mount Vernon, in Washington state currently teaching 6 Mariachi and Folklorico classes with a total enrollment of over 200 students grades 6-12. Mr. Rivera also has written five published blogs for NAFME about Mariachi Education. Mr. Rivera has led Mariachi Education workshops for KHS Music, VH1 Save the Music, H.Jimenez Guitars, Eastern Washington University, University of Iowa Northern, Napa Valley College, International Music Education Summit, Berklee Plus, and for the Give A Note Foundation.

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Phone: (509-393-6632) Email:
Twitter: @riverateacher Facebook: @riverateacher


Nov 4, 2020


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