Look Again: Early-Stage Memory Loss Guided Art Discussions

Look Again: Early-Stage Memory Loss Guided Art Discussions

We invite individuals living with early-stage memory loss and their care partners to enjoy a facilitated art discussion in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Look Again provides an opportunity for individuals living with dementia to access and express memories, practice or regain their communication skills, externalize emotions, and relieve stress and anxiety.

Look Again uses a combination of Visual Thinking Strategies and other facilitation techniques to support an engaging and accessible discussion. To learn more about how Visual Thinking Strategies can support individuals living with memory loss, click here.

Prior registration is not required; however, we ask groups larger than three to contact us at creativeaging@biartmuseum.org before attending.

To begin each session, BIMA staff greets attendees in the museum lobby before leading them to seats in the gallery.


Need help getting to the museum?

Our friends at Island Volunteer Caregivers are happy to coordinate transportation and get you where you want to go! Contact Life Enrichment Coordinator Lynn Murphy at (206) 842-4441 to learn more.


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