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MEMBERS ONLY: Inside the Exhibitions – Spring 2023 (Online)
Past Event

Get an inside look at BIMA’s brand new exhibitions with the member-exclusive presentation with Chief Curator Greg Robinson. Learn about the artists featured in these exhibitions and get behind-the-scenes details only the curator’s would know! This is a Zoom event.

Header image: Gail Tremblay, Mi ́kmaq-onondaga (Olympia), Stone Giants Sleeping Under the Bear Star, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 36”h x 72”w, BIMA Permanent Art Collection, Gift of Cynthia Sears

Thumbnail image: Alison Marks Bremner, Tlingit (Alaska), ̀Wat ́sa with a Pearl Earring, 2014, giclée, 25″h x 18″w (detail), BIMA Permanent Art Collection


Mar 23, 2023





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