Finding Peace in Passing: Death Doulas and Death Cafés
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Celebrating the life lived

This discussion will be lead by Death Doulas, Julie Dain and Lashanna Williams, as they share what it means to celebrate the life lived rather than grieving the life lost.

Death Doulas cultivate empowered passing by helping their clients create peace, closure, and acceptance. By curating the ending of one’s story, these doulas help to dispel the fear of “what comes next” while imagining a better death.


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Aug 13, 2022


Frank Buxton Auditorium



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About Jules Dain

Jules Dain is a Grief Counselor and End of Life Doula. She has a lifetime of experience in grief and loss. Jules is originally from the Bay Area and now calls Bremerton, Washington her home. Jules spends her downtime exploring cemeteries and teaching workshops on Creating the End of Your Own Story.

About Lashanna Williams

Lashanna is a southend witch, a mother, a lover, a human tender, a massage therapist, a death doula, an active community member, an educator, and a synesthete. Her end-of-life work is rooted in touch and born in community care and she actively works to disrupt harmful systems and processes, while contributing to the expansion of more earth, human and consent centered behaviors. “My hands hear well, ” is something that Lashanna shares with clients often and by using all their senses to listen, Lashanna can hold a solid, authentic and grounded space in care and educational environments. She has been a Director for A Sacred Passing since 2018.