Art In Action at BISCC
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Join BIMA and build community through free artmaking activities for all!

February 14: Rubber Stamp Carving

Learn the basics of making hand-carved rubber stamps. Stamps are a great way to incorporate text and images into artist’s books, mixed media work, and paper-based projects.

March 14: Letterpress Print-In

Amplify your voice! Participants will sample the power of letterpress printing while developing their own messages about personal and community strength and wellness. Completed works will be featured in a collaborative art installation at BISCC.

April 18: Playing with Folded Books

Learn how to create two dynamic book structures, each out of a single sheet of paper. We’ll experiment with x-books and snake folds, and personalize these blank books using drawing, stamping, collage, text, and thread.

May 15: You Are So Very Beautiful – Positive Stitchery

Betsy Greer, the author of the book Craftivism, initiated the project ‘You are So Very Beautiful’ in 2016. People were invited to create positive affirmations that they would give away, placing them in public for others to find. We will gather together to stitch positive messages on felt patches that participants can choose to keep, combine into a collaborative work, or leave somewhere in the community to share their supportive messages.

June 13: Flag Books

Based on a simple folded accordion, flag books can be used to explore movement and layers of action in text and image. Layers of paper create “flags” that extend and pop out from the folded pages of the book, making it a delightful structure for evoking movement and adding narrative through words or images.


Every Second Tuesday
1:00pm – 3:00pm


Bainbridge Island Senior/Community Center



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