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AMRA/ARMA: The Rituals of Infinity
Past Event

The Hyborean performance group AMRA/ARMA deals with the transmission of energy, information and emotion from one place and/or time to another. This function is accomplished through the use of human and non-human forces which combine in a fusion of both.

Human and Machine — Amra/Arma exists in that area of knowledge between science and mythology and uses elements of both to take their audience to that higher degree of consciousness and being.

The group was formed in 1970 and, at that time, was led by synthesist/inventor Stanley Lunetta. Lunetta built his own artificially intelligent synthesizers that, in turn, were equal members of the group. His electronic instruments, along with a huge array of percussion devices played by other members of the group provided the sonic maelstrom that ensued. Amra/Arma performed concerts along the West Coast and traveled to London in 1972 to perform at the International Carnival of Experimental Sound, the “Woodstock of the Avant Garde.”

The current members: Ken Horton, Kurt Bischoff and Korum Bischoff are in control of channeling primeval energy and interfacing it with Jherek Bischoff and Karl Bischoff who mastermind the use of low frequencies and technological development. This concert celebrates the 50th Anniversary of their appearance at ICES in London.


$18 Members | $22 General Admission



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Aug 20 – Aug 20, 2022
7:00pm – 9:00pm


Frank Buxton Auditorium



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