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Music on the Plaza: Zydeco Low Down

Music on the Plaza header WEPA

Music on the Plaza: WEPA

Zine Roulette at the Senior Center

Tiny Beast Sculpture at the Senior Center

Cozy Crafternoon with Ben Gannon & Joey Veltkamp

Ben Gannon & Joey Veltkamp

Ben Gannon makes paintings, weavings, and sculptures. He also writes sci-fi, fiction, and essays about art. Ben’s paintings have been shown at Tacoma Art Museum, Joe Bar, Out of Sight, and SOIL.

Joey Veltkamp makes soft paintings/fabric works. He has shown at Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Bellevue Arts Museum, Vignettes, SOIL, and Greg Kucera Gallery.

Ben and Joey met at an art event in 2013 and got married in 2017. Alongside their individual studio practices, they have worked collaboratively on projects such as cogean? an experimental art space situated in their 100+-year-old home on Cogean Avenue in Bremerton, and Pantry a collection of conceptual jellies which celebrate the narrative potential of food, the domestic arts as a means of expression, and the pleasure of sweetened memories.

Photo by Margo Vansynghel

Partners in Print Plein Air Printing Parlour

Steamroller Printing with Wayzgoose Kitsap

Art in Action: Community Bookmaking

Teen Night @ BARN

Teen Night @ BARN