Collectors Marketplace Donors

The following individuals have generously donated to the Collectors Marketplace 2020:

Mary Baker Anderson
Sharon Archer & Donald Eklund
Ken Barnes
Pamela Belyea and Gary Fagin
Karen Conoley & Art Verharen
Barbara Denk
Janice Dilworth
Estate of Jean Burch Falls
Amy Goldthwaite & David Browning
Kaye and Sandy Gough
Liliana & Thomas Grip
Sheila Hughes
Johnna & Fred Kleisner
Alida & Christopher Latham
Mark Levine and John Keppeler
Susan Levy
Stephen Lindstrom
Kenna Moser
Kathy & Mike Nibarger
Lise Orville
Jessica Pavish and James Arrabito
Nancy & Dana Quitslund
Greg Robinson
Roby King Gallery
Amy and Matt Sawyer
Cynthia Sears
John Seidler
Shift Store
Heather Smith
Susan Wiggs
Sheilah & Joe Wilcynski