Frank Buxton Silent Film Festival

Fri, Nov. 16, 2018 7:30pm — 9:30pm | Add this to Calendar

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art is proud to present the debut of the Frank Buxton Silent Film Festival, a two-day cinematic excursion exploring the pleasures, history and lost art of American silent film. The Festival is a tribute to Frank Buxton, a longtime champion, advocate and appreciator of the arts. Programming for the Festival was curated by Frank's friend and program collaborator John Ellis in partnership with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.

What does a Festival Pass get you? Festival Passes get you into all events throughout the weekend, including two full-length films and five short films all with live accompaniment, as well as an opening night party.

ALL TICKET HOLDERS MUST BE CHECKED IN 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE SCREENING. All unclaimed seats will be released to the waitlist.

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Limited single tickets will be available at the door ONLY.
Evening shows - $30 General
Daytime shows - $15 Adult | $5 Children 12 & Under (w/ paying adult)




- 6:30 pm - Opening Party
Visiting artists, guests and weekend pass holders enjoy a pre-screening reception with food and refreshment in the Museums First Floor Gallery

- 7:30 pm - Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail (1929)
Original score from Erin O'Hara
The Buxton Silent Film festival kicks off with a rare screening of Alfred Hitchcock's silent version of Blackmail, one of his earliest and most atmospheric films. The dark drama is orchestrated by Erin O'Hara, who created the entire score from the point of view of Alice, Anny Ondres character who murders her would be rapist with a bread knife. With an ensemble of electric and acoustic instruments and voices, O'Hara expresses the interior voice of heroine Alice, as she navigates her way through a journey of assault, survival and the murky search for justice. One reviewer said, Her soundtrack is both a signal contribution to Hitchcock's art and a bold rejoinder to it.



- 10 am - Classic Comedy Shorts
Musical accompaniment by Miles and Karina (David Miles Keenan and Nova Karina Devonie)
Featured films:

  • One Week (1920) with Buster Keaton
  • The Immigrant (1917) with Charlie Chaplin
  • Battle of the Century (1927) from Laurel & Hardy

- 2:00 pm - Louise Brooks Tribute
Musical accompaniment by Miles and Karina (David Miles Keenan and Nova Karina Devonie)
Featured films:

  • Its the Old Army Game (1926) with W.C. Fields and Louise Brooks
  • Now We're In the Air (1927) starring Louise Brooks

- 7:30 pm - The Unknown starring Lon Chaney (1927)
Original Score composed and performed live by Jovino Santos Neto Quarteto

The Unknown is an American silent horror film directed by Tod Browning, a story of yearning, frustration, resentment and betrayal. Lon Chaney stars as carnival knife thrower Alonzo the Armless and Joan Crawford is the scantily clad carnival girl he hopes to marry. The film is brought to life by a live score composed and performed by Jovino Santos Neto Quinteto, a five-piece local jazz ensemble led by Brazilian jazz pianist Jovino Santos Neto. Neto offers a fresh take on the musical conventions of silent film accompaniment. Instead, he mines the deep, dark melancholy conveyed by the actors' facial expressions to create a 50-minute suite that blends sounds, textures and improv from vibraphone, bandoneon, bass, drums, percussion, piano, flute, melodica and electronics. Special thanks to Seattle Theater Group. Join film-goers for a short after-party.


The Festival offers special thanks to these individuals: John Ellis, Rob Byrne and the leadership at San Francisco Silent Film Festival, Rachelle Benbow, Joe Lumarda, Jovino Santos Neto, Erin O'Hara, and Seattle Theater Groups Vicky Lee.

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