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BIMA & Hiatus: The Fisherman by Chloe Hansen

As part of the 2021 Momentum Festival, BIMA is once again partnering with our friends at Hiatus Magazine, an online compilation of quarantined teenagers’ most creative works. Throughout the two-week festival, we will be featuring pieces from Hiatus’ three issues that highlight our natural world, including written works featured here on BIMA’s blog and visual work featured as a #DailyMomentOfBeauty on our Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Be sure to visit Hiatus Magazine’s website to explore their most recent issue, Beginnings: Winter 2021.

Now on to today’s featured work!


The Fisherman by Chloe Hansen

A fisherman lies awake on the slats of his boat
He admires the gentle silence of the planks
As they cradle him in sleeplessness.

He floats in dark solitude under a heavy midnight
He listens to the whispered platitudes of stars
Moving in immeasurable intentionality.

To a fisherman, their song is the bite of a huntsman’s knife
Against a well worn river rock
Borne from deep clear water.

In this river all thoughts are inconsequential
Nothing comes or goes in the mind
Time dances upon the surface
And diffuses.

Our fisherman watches as the stars grow softer
And the corners of the horizon grow burnished
And he knows, even as he reaches for his oars
That he has found his way to the bottom of the river.

He returns to his cabin to light the fireplace
To fasten a wide wooden button
Or lace tall brown boots.

In every gesture he is building his riverbed
And every day it is its most perfect self
Until he lays his last stone
And sleeps upon it.


Be sure to follow Hiatus Magazine at their Instagram and check out all the work on their website here.