BIMA & Hiatus: A Tiny Song for Brian Doyle by Adele Donovan

As part of the 2021 Momentum Festival, BIMA is once again partnering with our friends at Hiatus Magazine, an online compilation of quarantined teenagers’ most creative works. Throughout the two-week festival, we will be featuring pieces from Hiatus’ three issues that highlight our natural world, including written works featured here on BIMA’s blog and visual work featured as a #DailyMomentOfBeauty on our Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Be sure to visit Hiatus Magazine’s website to explore their most recent issue, Beginnings: Winter 2021.

Now on to today’s featured work!


A Tiny Song for Brian Doyle by Adele Donovan

White-dust on the little woolen teeth of the spine and the clock stops in observation of the frigid ash cooled into bony tongues across our brows and for a burnished moment as thin as the flakes of Old Bay on our teeth the world slides into itself like honey, the page looming and rugged and red where the wind lashes it and smelling like a wasp’s-sting, that papery glove nestled between fronds of verdant scales and hornets rolling in the wild-fennel with infectious joy as their carapaces glisten black as the fetid pool where the flat-worms cavort in Last Summer’s leaves and the watchful birches start to peel their pale husks off and slough away their foliage and sing with the breeze bringing salt in from the Sound, creating over knife-faced barnacles and pungent bladders of rock-weed, mumbling a senseless reel in a voice of liquid bronze.


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