Woman looking at art in Sherry Grover Gallery

Happy Thanksgiving from BIMA!

By Sheila Hughes, Executive Director

When it comes to reflections of gratitude here at BIMA, where do we start?  With our amazing team of docents & volunteers – the more than 150 creative and interesting individuals who give their time and talent to keep this museum humming? With the rich regional tapestry of artists whose work graces the galleries? With the community who lights up this gathering space every day with conversation and conviviality? BIMA is the recipient of so much love and support, expressed in so many different ways, it’s often difficult to comprehend or express.

If you are receiving this Thanksgiving note, you are one of those givers, someone who makes a difference. And if you’re wondering how you make that difference, I have a quick story to share.

This summer, completely outside the world of BIMA, I was volunteering in Seattle on an art project that involved working with a group of thirty homeless and low-income women. When one woman learned that I worked at BIMA, she just lit up and said that she loves this museum and visits regularly. She was quickly joined by others, who told me about how wonderful it is to be invited into such a warm, welcoming space. One woman said she likes to come by herself and walk through the galleries quietly, while others told me that they come as a big, social group. As I was leaving, several women squeezed my arm and said thank you for having this beautiful place, free and accessible to everyone.

Those words were spoken to me, but they are meant for you. Thank you for creating a home for inspirational exhibitions and year-round cultural programs, for making this a special place for all, for supporting a gathering place that encourages ideas and conversation. None of this is possible without you.

Your support brings art to life for thousands of visitors from all walks of life every year, and all of us at BIMA are thankful to be part of the world you make possible.



Sheila Hughes
Executive Director