BIMA guests visit with exhibiting artist Steven Maslach as he explains his work.

BIMA’s ArtsGrowth Initiative offers something for every age and ability

By Emma Cantrell, BIMA Education & Programs Associate

BIMA invites learners of all ages to explore the power of contemporary art and craft through creative expression, active engagement, and inclusive dialogue.

Throughout the year, BIMA offers a wide variety of programs and educational experiences to connect you to the people, arts, and culture of the Puget Sound region. Whether you are attending a lecture, trying your hand at a new technique in a workshop, or just dropping into a gallery program, there are options for nearly every age and ability level.

The ArtsGrowth Initiative, which encompasses all of BIMA’s educational offerings, was born from our commitment to providing equitable access to arts and culture in our region. Our diverse array of programs, most of which are offered low-cost or free of charge, invite public audiences into the museum to discover together the relevance of art in our lives and in our communities.

The cornerstone of this work is our partnerships with K-12 schools in Kitsap County and beyond to offer field trips and educator professional development opportunities that use art as a catalyst for developing creativity and critical thinking skills. Aligned with State and Common Core Standards, these programs complement and support classroom curriculum.

Outside of school, youth engage at BIMA through summer camps, explore hands-on Art in Action activities with their families, and attend Art After Dark, an annual teens-only after hours party, hosted by BIMA’s Teen Arts Council.

For adults interested in developing their own artistic skills, we offer weekly figure drawing classes as well as monthly workshops in a variety of media. Lectures, talks, and artists’ demonstrations provide opportunities to delve deeper into art and ideas behind to BIMA’s exhibitions and collections.

At BIMA, art is an essential component of healthy aging. Weekly mindfulness meditations are designed to support pain reduction and overall wellness. Look Again and Meet Me at the Movies offer opportunities for people experiencing early-stage memory loss and their care partners to engage together through art.