• Heikki Seppa, Half Granny Knot

    Bronze, marriage of metals

    Photo Credit: Nick Felkey

  • Heikki Seppa, Silver Collar view 2

  • Heikki Seppa, Side to Side HPX

  • Heikki Seppa, Neckpiece (Hyperbolic Paraboloid with Spiculum and Amethyst)

    14K gold, amethyst

    Photo Credit: Nick Felkey

  • Heikki Seppa, Coffee Set

    Sterling silver, ebony

    Photo Credit: Nick Felkey

Heikki Seppa, Master Metalsmith

Garden Gallery

Hand-formed works in silver and other metals from the Permanent Art Collection and borrowed – this master artist was originally from Finland, and spent his last years on Bainbridge Island.  Internationally known and collected, Seppa taught numerous metals students over the decades – he brought techniques to the United States, and also invented others.

Show extended through Winter 2015.

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