BIMA actively shapes its own future by constantly considering the impact it has on the region’s residents and artists, and its shared cultural landscape. BIMA is deeply engaged in internal, professional, and community dialogue about what is important: about how, why and what this Museum is best at, most passionate about, and most capable of delivering.

These core concepts are what guides the Museum with establishing our place of greatest impact, education, and inspiration.


Thoughtfully Built for Generations to Enjoy: We are fueled by the community, focused on stewardship, sustainability and are environmentally responsible.

A Place of Growth & Learning: We strive to provide a place of impactful educational opportunities that inspire learning, expanding, and growth individually and together.

Engaging a Broad & Diverse Community: We engage and collaborate with a diverse community to create an experience that has something for everyone.

A Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to providing an exceptional, best-in-class quality experience.

Dedicated to Creativity & Discovery: We are a place of imagination, discovery, curiosity, exploration, inspiration, and creativity.

Fueled by Fierce Generosity: We are built on a culture of philanthropy, resourcefulness, support, and the courageous generosity of our community, members, donors, and guests.

Open & Welcoming: We are a comfortable sanctuary, a welcoming antidote, meditative, accessible, warm, inclusive and simply a beautiful space.

A Culture of Accountability: We value integrity, transparency, respect for all, and ethical responsibility within our organization and community.

Transformational Artistic Expression & Appreciation: We celebrate the empowerment, generosity, joy, transformation, stimulation, excitement, and optimism that art has the power to create.