BIMA’s 10th Anniversary Glass Ball Crawl

Ball Crawl Rules

BIMA’s Glass Ball Crawl is a you-find-it, you-keep-it event with just a few guidelines to keep it fun for everyone:


  • The glass balls are hidden in public spaces such as parks and waterways. No need to trespass, the glass balls will never be on private property.
  • Trail-hidden glass balls can be found within a few feet of the trail, and balls hidden on beaches will be well above the high tide line.
  • Glass balls will never be hidden in ecologically sensitive areas. 
  • Don’t forget to look up, down, all around. The glass balls may be hiding off the ground in trees, behind logs, on an old fencepost, etc.


  • Please keep only one float per seeker. However…
  • Keep hunting, you might find one you like more. Please just hide your first treasure where you found the second one. Or, snap a photo and re-hide it for another seeker to find.
  • Send a photo of you with your find to
  • Post your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #bimaballcrawl and tag us at to win swag in celebration of BIMA’s 10th Anniversary. Follow for giveaway rules and updates.