Art Museum Encounters (Podcast Series)

Thanks to the generous help of our friends at Bainbridge Community Broadcasting, BIMA is amassing an insightful series of interviews and conversations featuring exhibitions and artists highlighted at the Museum. This ever-growing archive of podcasts lend a new depth to BIMA's changing shows. 

Women in Photography

In this informative podcast, Women in Photography co-curators Greg Robinson and photographer Linda Wolf provide fascinating insight into the development of photography over the 70-year span between the ages of the photographers in this dynamic show. Evident in the show’s breadth are the changes in photography techniques, processes, types of cameras, and printing materials used by the 10 diverse women from the Puget Sound region chosen for the exhibition: Megumi Shauna Arai, Ashley Armitage, Marsha Burns, C. Davida Ingram, Marilyn Montufar, Janet Neuhauser, Mary Randlett, Meghann Riepenhoff, Heather Boose Weiss, and Linda Wolf. Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.

Chris Maynard

In this interview, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art Chief Curator Greg Robinson has an illuminating and delightful conversation with Chris Maynard, a Olympia artist whose medium is (legally sourced) bird feathers. His exhibition is called Featherfolio. Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.

Barbara Earl Thomas

In this podcast, Barbara gives BCB a preview of her Eye on Artist Lecture, sharing what inspires her, her choice of materials and her methods. Her widely acclaimed show, favorably reviewed by The Seattle Times, The Stranger, and other publications, spans over 30 years of her lively works in egg tempera, linocuts, blown glass, and expansive paper cuts in a site-specific installation, and includes some of her thought provoking writings. Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.

The Importance of Arts Coverage

In this 12 minute podcast, NPR's "Founding Mother" -- the legendary Susan Stamberg -- and KUOW's renowned broadcast journalist Marcie Sillman, give a preview of their subsequent on-stage conversation at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art on the subject of "The Importance of Arts Coverage." Stamberg's easily recognizable voice was the hallmark of the "All Things Considered" public radio show for over 14 years, and she established a much-respected professional standard as the first woman to anchor a daily news program. Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.

2016 Island Treasures: Denise Harris & Cameron Snow

Every year, Bainbridge Island crowns two individuals working in the arts and humanities as "Island Treasures." 2016 winners Denise Harris (sculptor, set designer, singer, actress, musician, and more) and Cameron Snow (painter and fimmaker) both have a special place in the heart of BIMA for their artwork and arts advocacy. 


In this podcast, museum founder Cynthia Sears tells BCB host Channie Peters where she finds most of the books she collects for the art museum, what is special about them to her, and where we can see more such beautiful and clever works of art and craft. Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.


In this insightful interview of sculptor David Eisenhour by BIMA Executive Director and Curator Greg Robinson, we gain a sense of the artist’s development and evolution. Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.


Executive Director and Curator Greg Robinson, and museum founder Cynthia Sears, talk about artist Rachel Feferman, who died in 2010. Feferman’s life’s work lives on at the art museum in an expansive retrospective in the gallery bearing her name. Produced by Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.


In this interview, BIMA Executive Director and Curator Greg Robinson has a conversation with an artist he has known for many years – Jenny Fillius. They explore the origin of Jenny’s migration from painting to tin art, her process, her materials and tools, and sources of inspiration. Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.

Horst Gottschalk

BIMA Education Director Kristin Tollefson talks with Dr. Brett Van Hoesen, art historian and scholar at University of Nevada, Reno, about German artist Horst Gottschalk, whose work was featured in a solo exhibit at the art museum June-September 2015.  They are joined by Hidde Van Duym, BIMA’s co-curator for this exhibit. Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.


Listen to BIMA Executive Director & Curator Greg Robinson talk with Steve Maslach and learn about Steve’s artistic progression from an award-winning blown glass designer to a molten glass sculptor creating very large unique works at his solo studio in the woods on Bainbridge Island. Steve talks about the unusual process by which he lets light and color into his thick molten glass sculptures. And he talks about his journey of discovery as he works directly with molten glass, which, he believes, is like performance art. 


BIMA Executive Director & Curator Greg Robinson has a fascinating conversation with award-winning children’s book illustrator Pierr Morgan. Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting


BIMA Executive Director & Curator Greg Robinson talks with wood sculptor Alan Newberg about his show Abstractions in Wood and his work. Produced by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting