Twelve Years in the Woods | Arts Studio Gallery

Arts Studio Gallery began in 2002 as an alternative gallery and studio space "off the beaten path." Art Grice and friends converted an old barn on Bainbridge Island into a gallery and featured numerous solo, group shows, and performances in this nontraditional venue. Twelve Years in the Woods is a group show of 26 artists, many who had solo exhibitions during these years. The show highlights artists whose work Grice found compelling - ranging from traditional to experimental. Artworks include photography, printmaking, painting, ceramics, glass, wood and mixed media sculpture.

Guest Curators: Art Grice & Lynda Swenson

Group Exhibition with 26 artists:

Tim Beckstrom
Robert Carlson
Karen Cornell
Kate deVeaux
Jeanne E
Sophie Frieda
Pam Galvani
Raymond Gendreau
Beverly Gimlin
Gregory Glynn
Art Grice
Anthea Groves
Gary Groves
Dan Kowalski
Debbi Lester
Mark Lovejoy
Janet Neuhauser
Don Normark
Sheila Ross*
Russell Schlosser
Tom Schworer
Sharon Strauss
Lynda Swenson
Joe Wagner*
Dick Weiss
Paul Ziakin

*Denotes deceased

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