The Art of Furniture 1

The first in a series of craft furniture exhibitions. On view, a group show of handcrafted, unique, contemporary art furnishings paired with the paintings of Rosalyn Gale Powell in the Feferman Gallery.

Featured artists:

  • Nathan Christopher
  • Matthew X. Curry
  • Birgit Josenhans
  • Chris Mroz
  • Al Rosen
  • Cecil Ross
  • Donald Smith
  • Robert Spangler
  • Howard Todd
  • Alan Vogel

"The wood itself presents a wonderful and varied palette from bold to gentle, subtle to striking. Woodworking to me is a dialogue between the architectural and the organic. My approach to design in woodwork has completely reversed. In the past, I would draw designs to be executed by fine woodworkers. Now as a woodworker myself, wonderful woods and other materials become studies of how best they can be combined, milled and detailed to communicate a story. Each sculptural piece becomes an exploration into material, design, and technique." - Matthew X. Curry

"I feel that the objects that make up our environment have a profound effect upon our soul. These objects deserve recognition and honor. Their roles should be evocative, and also provocative. They should allow us to relax with them and yet challenge us to more lofty ideas. I think a successful piece of furniture is more than a piece of furniture." - Robert Spangler


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