• Gayle Bard, Skagit Flats

    Oil on Canvas

    Photo Credit: Art Grice

  • Gayle Bard, Its a Boy

    Oil on canvas

    Photo Credit: Jake Seniuk

  • Gayle Bard, Bainbridge Island Cloud

    Oil on canvas

    Photo Credit: Mike Seidl

  • Gayle Bard, Bateman's East Sussex

    Oil on canvas

    Linda Hodges Gallery

    Photo Credit: Art Grice

Gayle Bard: A Singular Vision

October 12 - January 05, 2014

October 12, 2013 - January 5, 2014

Gayle Bard: A Singular Vision celebrated the long and rich career of one of the Northwest's most respected artists. From her early installations that challenged viewers’ perceptions to her groundbreaking Bunker series of large-scale paintings that blended abstraction with representation, to the majestic landscapes within massive dark frames that have become her hallmarks.

From an early age, Bard was encouraged to explore art, and the prospect of creating an illusion made such a significant impression upon her that it has informed her work through its shifts in scale, medium, and subject matter to the present day. Bard’s inspiration include art history, architecture, interior, garden, and set design, as well as the varied landscapes of her many travels throughout the region and beyond. Motivated by exploration itself and the process of discovering and capturing what she sees during her journeys, Bard’s large-scale paintings are unparalleled in the northwest for their splendor and timeless qualities.

For a transcription of a walk through the gallery with Gayle Bard, click here... 

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