Artist’s Books: Chapter 8 - Everything–Including the Kitchen Sink

Curated by and from the collection of BIMA Founder Cynthia Sears.

Artist's books are infinitely varied! 


In this chapter alone –using a wide range of forms and structures to

illustrate their content– they deal with subjects as diverse as:  


becoming allergic to one's own home; the Beaufort Wind Scale; 

Scheherazade; children’s corsets (and what they once represented); 

differing ideas about creation; stories of shipwreck; the meaning of reading;

racial identity as determined by geography and history; 

alphabet books (for Artists, for Boys, for Girls, and Zoo Animals -in Haiku);

a Freudian slip; imagined excavations and explorations in Syria;

colonialism and greed revealed through vintage boy's adventure stories;

a dating quiz; a Pink Slip; cartographical reflections; the nature of Selfhood; 

Alice in Wonderland; a minnow that faces many dangers after 

leaving his home school; Cupid and Psyche; two looks at Adam and Eve;

a real rabbit that aspires to be a fake Bunny; and the 

precise route the Eensy, Beensy Spider takes as he goes up the water spout.  


And the kitchen sink? You'll find it in the Kitchen at Camp Winona 

just past the tomato-stained recipe for Spaghetti with Meat Sauce for 200!



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