Ten years ago a group of artists, residents, business and community leaders envisioned building a contemporary art museum on Bainbridge Island to showcase the art of our region and our time. Explore our journey in the Community Gallery and join The Conversation of Art, an interactive exhibit asking you to respond to the questions:

  • Why does art matter to you?
  • What can art teach us?
  • How has art moved you?
  • Who's your art hero?
  • What's your museum moment?

Continue to add to the conversation at the

Your thoughts on BIMA? from Bainbridge Island Museum Art on Vimeo.

The Conversation of Art: Washington Museum Association 2014 Award of Project Excellence


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Art Museum Lobby,Beacon Gallery,Garden Gallery,George and David Lewis Roof Garden,Jon and Lillian Lovelace Gallery,MESA Gallery,Rachel Feferman Gallery,Sherry Grover Gallery,Steve and Harriet Davis Community Gallery,John Kenyon Ellis Bistro
June 23 - September 30, 2018
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George and David Lewis Roof Garden

George and David Lewis Roof Garden
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