Fall 2016-Winter 2017

 Group Show: Native Hands–Indigenous Art of the Salish Sea
• Alan Newberg: Abstractions in Wood
• Catherine Alice Michaelis: Imprinted & Unbound
• Annette Fourbears: Weaving the Dream
Patty Rogers: Joys Within Reach
• Art Partners 2016

Summer 2016

• Barbara Earl Thomas: Heaven on Fire 

• Steve Parmelee: Assemblage II

• Marita Dingus: Hanging from the Rafters

• Selections from the Permanent Collection: BIMA @ 3!

• Artist's Books: Chapter 8 - Everything Including the Kitchen Sink



Spring 2016

Group Show: Journeys

Steve Parmelee: Assemblage

Marita Dingus: Hanging from the Rafters

• Nancy Thorne Chambers: A Story Place

• Steve Jensen: Boats

• Selections from the Permanent Art Collection

• Artist's Books: Chapter 7 - Form and Content


Fall/Winter Exhibitions | 2015/16

• Group Show: Thought Patterns

• Steve Maslach: New Light

• Heikki Seppa: Master Metalsmith

• Caroline Cooley Browne: Goings & Comings

• Artist's Books: Chapter 6 - Regarding Nature... or Disregarding It


Summer Exhibitions | 2015

• Horst Gottschalk: Personal Myths

David Eisenhour: SWARM

Caroline Cooley Browne: Goings & Comings

Pierr Morgan: Imagine

Artist's Books Chapter 5: Women, Now and Then

Selections from the Permanent Art Collection

Dia de los Muertos


Spring Exhibitions | 2015

Rosalyn Gale Powell: Garden Path

The Art of Furniture 1

Selections from the Permanent Art Collection

Cut & Bent: Group Exhibition

• Miniature Books: Collection of Margot E. Amestoy

• Raymond Gendreau: Photographs

• Small Worlds


Fall/Winter Exhibitions | 2014/15

• Rachel Feferman Retrospective: A Hole in the Heart

Larry "Ulaaq" Ahvakana: Land/Water

Children's Book Illustrators 1: Points of Entry

Harry Longstreet: Photography

Karen Hackenberg: Watershed

Summer Exhibitions | 2014

• Jenny Andersen: Offerings

Max Grover: Hunter, Gatherer, Painter

Romson Regarde Bustillo: Dugay na

Fred Lisaius: Terra Sublime

Spring Exhibitions | 2014

• David Eisenhour: Dialogue with Nature

• Inner Portraits

Tracy Lang: Tsunami Papers

Winter Exhibitions | 2014

Joseph Gregory Rossano: Whitewashed

• Twelve Years in the Woods: Arts Studio Gallery

Elizabeth Reed Smith: Trees

A Community Builds an Art Museum

Fall Exhibitions | 2013

Gayle Bard: A Singular Vision

• Richard Jesse Watson: Inner Zoo, Outer Orbit

Inaugural Exhibitions | Summer 2013

• Inaugural Exhibitions