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Sun, Apr. 30, 2017 10:00am — 4:00pm | Add this to Calendar


Advanced Encaustic Painting with Deborah Kapoor

Sunday, April 30  |  10am-4pm  |  BIMA Classroom  |  $130

Encaustic painting is an ancient medium of beeswax, damar resin, and pigment recognized for its resplendent surface and rich color. Paint is fused together with heat, creating an enamel-like finish. 

In this one day workshop, you will learn advanced techniques of additive and subtractive markmaking, and how to layer for optimal color saturation and luminosity to expand your visual vocabulary using wax.

Tuition includes basic materials and tools. Individual encaustic workstations are provided with heat plates, heating tools, and encaustic paint. Intro to Encaustic prerequisite required. 

Deborah Kapoor is best known for her unconventional, mixed media paintings and wall installations with strong conceptual elements about the distilled poetry within cultural markers. Merging painting and sculpture with any process necessary as a vehicle for content, her painted dimensional works have been exhibited widely.


Family Workshop: Monotype Printmaking with Wendy Orville

Saturday May 20, 2017  |  10am-12pm  | BIMA Classroom | $26/$48 All materials provided


Join printmaker Wendy Orville to learn about monotypes; one-of-a-kind prints, and how to create your own. Working in both black and white and with color, you will learn additive and subtractive techniques and experiment with a variety of mark making tools. This fun, family-friendly, multi-age workshop is well-suited for adults and youth alike.

Trained as a painter, Wendy has focused on making monotypes for the past twenty years. In 1996, she moved from New Mexico to the Pacific Northwest and found inspiration in the lush, veiled atmosphere of the region. She began making tonal monotypes exploring the subtle and evocative light of the Northwest landscape. Her intent is to reduce the landscape to essentials, evoking an emotional space that invites you inside while retaining a painterly flatness and tension.

She treats the monotype process like painting in many ways. She works to create an equivalent of light by building up translucent layers of etching ink, often scratching into the surface after pulling the print from the press and adding additional marks with cut up credit cards and inked rags. Clouds are made by wiping away forms on an inked plate with sharpened sticks and soft cloths - a deeply pleasurable and meditative process.

Wendy Orville is featured in BIMA's group show, Revering Nature, currently on view in the Feferman Gallery through June 4, 2017.

Questions? Contact Heather Griffin at or 206.451.4017


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